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Do you feel overwhelmed, lost, empty, lonely, and disconnected?


Hello, I’m Kathleen McGinley. There are no coincidences that you are here. I have a passion to help make the world a better place by providing holistic, extraordinary experiences in self-discovery for individuals and groups in nature. I help people expand their consciousness through shamanic coaching, sacred card path readings, and through the teachings in my online programs. By expanding into higher consciousness, you are more in alignment with your truth and authentic self.

How Can I Help You?

Private Sessions

Kathleen uses the Red Road/Blue Road spread with her clients in which she channels Spirit. It is a powerful spread as the ancestors of the client are invited in to bring their wisdom forth. Both she and the client receive intuitive messages for guidance during this nine card spread. Coaching packages can be discussed upon the completion of a card reading. here

Wednesday Wisdom:

Each Wednesday Kathleen draws a card from the Sacred Path Card deck which is an extraordinary tool for self-discovery that draws on the strength and beauty of Native American spiritual tradition. The essential wisdom in the sacred teachings helps us discover our authentic self. Kathleen is currently taking a break but there are hundreds of inspirational videos to support you.

HUGS For Harmony:

HUGS for Harmony is an online, self-paced program that will teach you how to change your life by transforming your relationship with yourself. It is designed to help you heal and grow personally and spiritually, with the ultimate objective of attaining authenticity so you can find a deeper meaning of life and your place in it.

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Soul Lost, Soul Restored:

A Sacred Journey Back To Self

This book is Kathleen’s roadmap to recovery, transforming a life of unhappiness and a “dark night of the soul” to a life of meaning and purpose. She shows you how you can see life in a whole new way, filled with miracles and mysticism.

Have you ever ask yourself, “Is this all there is to life?”

I did…and find out what happened in my book!

Free Masterclasses

Acquire Deeper Peace Through This Challenging Time:

AND Discover The REAL Reason You Feel Like You Are Going Crazy!

How to avoid another unhealthy relationship:

Learn to love yourself again, or for the first time

You are not here to simply spend each day fulfilling your obligations and settling for relationships and jobs that don’t make your heart sing. You deserve more. You are here for a reason. Life is to be lived to its fullest. Answer your soul call.

-Kathleen McGinley

Here’s an example of what her clients are saying:

“Kathleen embodies the Gifted Guide. Her loving presence, her deep wisdom, and her gentle direction allowed me to grow, expand, and change. My experience with Kathleen gave me tools for personal growth, perspective to examine my story, and insights into love that has blown me away. Thank you!”

– Allison James, Author, Piercing the Sky

Experience practical and nature-based strategies to help you alleviate suffering and discover your true essence with Kathleen McGinley, a holistic life coach, certified Earth Magic®practitioner, shamanic healer, teacher, bestselling author, speaker, and founder of Heart Rock Healing. Join the hundreds of other women and organizations who have used Kathleen’s gifts for transformation over the last thirteen years.

Be inspired as she uses a combination of modern and ancient healing practices in her individual sessions, workshops, and adventurous retreats that help you connect with Self, Spirit, others, and the natural world. Feel yourself being restored to balance and wholeness as she helps you heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually. Experience a deeper connection to others with Kathleen’s fun, experiential group programs that help create healthy, conscious, and inclusive communities.

Serving as a mentor and healer for women, she will show you how you can live an authentic life in peace, power, passion and purpose! As she helps you transform to your truth, you will discover your gifts that will assist in bringing healing, harmony, peace and respect for all of life.

Life doesn’t have to be hard! Discover the magic and live the life you were meant to live!

See the UNSEEN…

Find out that you are MORE than you think you are,

capable of MORE than you realize,

and LOVED more than you know!

“We cannot be ourselves, unless we know ourselves.”

- Thomas Merton, No Man is an Island

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